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Ohmyglob, disaster zone! 

Some drama bombs just went off!

That is all.



Waaaaaaaay to complex for me, yes. Heh.

..Bitches. xD See you’re still the same LSP we all grew to know and love. Me reckon you’re having your weekly ‘I hate my parents!’ stage.

Glad you agree; makes things a whole lot similar.

What?  I have so totally changed.  I’m a complex individual, Jake!  It’s not a stage.  They really did it this time.  Like, you don’t even know what my daddy said to me.

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A bellhop with nice buns? Oh-la-la~. How did you manage to crash the car?! Please don’t tell me it was texting and driving again. Oh! What do you want to know? I’ll tell you as much as I can.

Yep.  I know.  I think I’m gonna like it here. ;)  I’m sorry Bonnie; Melissa and I had to talk about the new True Blood or I was gonna totally die!  It was worth it.  What’s up with Finn and the mini fart momma?  He never told me he had a shawty! And Marce bby better be taking care of you.

Lots of peeps be following me. 


Haha, thanks. :) I only get called Tallulah by people that think they’re too good to refer to me as Tootie, adults, and when I’m in trouble. xD I like either.

That was definitely Mac then. ;D haha.

Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. :3 See:

I love him alottt. :3 Promcoming? Woah, is that some sort of super dance or something? Prom and homecoming combined? Wow. xD I’ll tell him you’re here!

Aweh, I’m so sorry. That sucks! Hopefully you can get back on your feet with this though! :)

Alright then.  I’ll call you, Tootie I guess.  Because I don’t have the time to spell Tallulah.  Mac?  Hmm.  Me gusta.

Aw, you guys are so cute!  He didn’t tell me though.  Yeah, it’s a huge thing where I come from and you just like die of embarrassment if you don’t get a date.  He’s real sweet.  He wants a piece of my lumps though, so keep your eye on him.

Thanks.  I’ll do just fine.  I’m great on my own, trust me.

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But like, if you — nevermind.

yeahyeahyeah man, I’ll be right there. :T So like, you’re definitely a guest here, right? Daddy pay your way in? 

Sorry Jake; Melissa and I are just too complex for you.

Mhmm.  I’m staying in a suite, bitches!  And uh no, I used my own trust fund to rent my room.  He didn’t do jack, you hear me?

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I’m peachy! How are you? Why are you here? What took you so long? ♥

I’m good and stuff.  Jake and a bellhop with a nice tush are helping me with my bags.  My parents kicked me out and I had to take a bus cause I totaled the car.  But I’m here now.  You’ve gotta catch me up on the gossip, kay?

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Uh, it’s a long story. xD My actual name is Tallulah, but my daddy used to call me Patootie when I was a little kid, and over the years it just dropped off to Tootie. Kinda like how Miley Cyrus’ name came from her dad calling her Smiley. xD haha.

Ha, is your bellhop’s name Mac? xD

Not much here, just got back from the beach with my boyfriend, Finn, his best friend, and my best friend. :) It’s been a fun day! What brings you here?

Ooooh.  I didn’t get a word you said until you mentioned Milers.  I get ya.  Tallulah’s sort of pretty; sort of a rogue style name, I like it.

I dunno.  I was too busy checking out his tush.

Finn?  Finn is your boyfriend?  Ohmyglob, he’s my best friend fiveva.  He was my date to Promcoming and everything.  Tell to come love my lumps, kay?  My parents kicked me out so I decided to come here.  Whatever and stuff.

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"Oh hey Tootie. That short for something? Because it sounds like you’re having mini fart babies or something" — LSP, making a great first impression (via fishandchipsandallthatfun)

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